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March 1, 2009

Group dead unless a translator volunteers.



February 19, 2009

Recruiting experienced helpers, editors and translators. Please take the appropriate tests found in our MediaFire folder to apply. Contact the editor (BelYaun) in WAIFU chat or via e-mail if he’s not available to get started. Editors are required to able to re-level pages, re-draw color and b&w title pages, spreads and fix discrepancies in all pages. Helpers take up the easier tasks editors have, basically everything other than re-draws. Tests for Editors, Translators are in the Tests folder in the test…

If you’re thinking of applying for a position reaching the staff directly through WAIFU Chat is a better alternative to e-mails but you must be able to complete the tests indicated on your own. We tried helping total noobs but they have a tendecy to be very unreliable.

Aki Sora Chapter 5 lq

April 12, 2009




Aki Sora Chapter 4.5 hq

March 2, 2009


We’re close to catching up to current chapters out, help is still needed. We’re starting 2 more projects after we get caught up. One is about moe and tanks, the other is about some loli that gets hello-ed a lot.


WAIFU babble

<BelYaun>Seriously this lamp thing the glasses girl has is odd


<BelYaun>I think it’s actually supposed to be two different objects but I’ve combined them

Read more…

Aki Sora Chapter 4.5 lq

February 24, 2009




Constructive criticism appreciated. We’ve got a few new people helping so you can expect releases of this QUALITY from now on since we didn’t get any new editors.

WAIFU babble

<BelYaun> lol, approaching warp speed, Page 13


<AnonymousTranslator> Common cold can indeed spread through sexual intercourse, we must find female specimens to test this with.

<BelYaun>I’m not getting hookers for everyone in the staff. I’ve been to Vegas and it’s not as fun as it sounds.

Aki Sora Chapter 3 – WAIFU babble

February 20, 2009

During production of releases some “interesting” comments and ideas come up. These are the stories of WAIFU.

BelYaun (Editor): You know I think I spent 40% of the time just cleaning out Aki’s hair. We need a dedicated shampooer so I can spend more time drawing in the missing parts of their asses.

You know, we need an artist to do doodles for us for when I post and to make credits page moe guro for us.

Anonymous (TL): I think Aki played a trick on Sora to get him to have sex with her. She has enough sense to think of carrying an umbrella with her, and with the size of their house it’s not like they’re poor. She wanted to use the excuse of being cold and drenched to lure him into her.

Nami is my waifu.

Aki Sora Chapter 3

February 20, 2009




Constructive criticism appreciated, as soon as we get a helper we’ll begin our second project. You’ll know what it is when we release it.